About AR Produkt, d.o.o.

The core company’s business is metal machining, but we also provide thread rolling and deep drilling. We are qualified to meet the needs and requirements of customers at home and abroad. As a flexible supplier, we adapt to the needs and expectations of our customers.

The family company AR Produkt d.o.o. has been operating successfully for more than ten (10) years, but its beginning goes back to 1992, when Anton Razboršek (the father) began his craft, at the time in the home workshop. Due to the expansion, he moved to a newly established workshop in 2002, where he successfully led the business until his retirement in 2009. During all this time, he was assisted by Andro Razboršek (the son), who first worked as an independent entrepreneur but established AR Produkt d.o.o. in 2006. The company itself therefore already boasts quite a nice tradition. It was also an honour and an inspiration when we purchased the new production and business building where we moved in early 2018.



Expansion of the company KOVINOSTRUGARSTVO Anton Razboršek s.p., whose beginnings date back to 1992



In 2002, he moved to new production facilities - until his retirement in 2009. His son Andro Razboršek helped  him all the time as an independent entrepreneur,.


Establishment of a company

In 2006, the decision to establish a company, which has been successfully operating all the time


New production and business premises

Year 2018 is a turning point because we are moving to new production and business premises.


Company vision

The company’s vision is to ensure the effectiveness of solving our customers’ tasks/needs in the metal processing and thread rolling segments, and the expansion and complementing of the production for the needs of the automotive industry. We are a team of flexible, experienced, and highly motivated professionals specialised in the use of technology to solve complex problems rapidly and effectively.

Company mission

The company's mission is the ability to meet the needs and demands of every customer at home and abroad. We adapt to the needs and expectations of our customers, as we offer the production according to the customer’s drawings, with our knowledge, experience, and the diversity of technologies we also assist in the search of the most optimal solutions. We strive to provide quality and are aware that this depends on preventing errors, respecting delivery times, and meeting the customer’s requirements. We also strive to constantly improve our quality management system through innovation, teamwork, and the full involvement of all employees.

Company values

Business based on ethical and legal norms, in line with the quality policy. We aim to maintain:
the orientation towards employees, based on respect, the provision of an appropriate working environment, the provision of training at the workplace, and the promotion of their professional and personal development,
the orientation towards business partners, aimed at maintaining and improving our cooperation,
the orientation to the (natural) environment, based on suitable waste storage and removal.

Key business goals

We will continue to ensure the successful operation of the company by:
- deploying the latest technologies,
- increasing the level of added value,
- increasing the portfolio of strategic customers,
- continuous process improvement,
- maintaining a healthy working environment for our employees.


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